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Last weekend we headed to Whistler, BC for a quick family vacation. We hiked every day. What a great place to get outside.

We started by going across the Peak to Peak gondola and hiking up the Blackcomb side.FrancesWhistlerAPFT


On our last full day we hiked the Joffre Lakes trail. It was excellent.

MiddleJoffreSunstarAPFT FrancesUpperJoffreAPFT FamilyUpperJoffreAPFT OnthelogMiddleJoffreAPFT UpperJoffrePano2280wideAPFT

What an amazing province we live in.

Sun and moon

It’s been a little quiet around here. We’re planning on doing a photo update on the house soon. It’s amazing how long it takes to get all the little things done :)

For now, this is one reason we appreciate this place so much.


A Little Bike Ride

This morning Frances and I went for a nice bike ride. First I had to get the bikes ready to go. All four bikes here had flat tires and the brakes would have almost gotten you to a full stop. After a half hour of fiddling we thought they were “path worthy.” We took a local walking/biking pathway that runs through Scottsdale. It’s really quite nice. Here is the route we took.

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Round trip we ended up going about 11.5 Km’s. The pathway was really nice. It was very wide, and usually surrounded by houses, ponds, or golf courses. Here are a couple pictures of the ride.

Bike Path

F and our bikes

Bike Path

Here a few pictures of some birds we saw along the way. Click the pictures to see the bigger versions.

In FlightDuckBig Bird

I’ve also set up a Scottsdale Set that we’ll keep updated.

Well, we’re off to Starbucks.

Hello from Scottsdale

Well we’ve made it Scottsdale, AZ. We actually left Prince George on Sunday morning so we could spend the day with the Breedvelds. They were nice enough to pick us up at the airport. Straight from YVR we headed out for breakfast. After that we went for a nice walk before enjoying a great lettuce wrap and wonton soup dinner.

C, J & F

J & N

After dinner Carolyne dropped us off at the airport hotel. We had a fairly early flight so we thought we wouldn’t make them have to get up early too! It sure is nice to check out and then walk downstairs to check-in.

We had a little less than 3 hour flight to get to Phoenix. From there we took a cab to my parents condo in Scottsdale. For those at home keeping score, no spiders so far. I think it might be too cold. It’s a rather cool 61 F or 16 C. Here is the newly renovated kitchen and a view outside.

The Condo Kitchen

Rainy Scottsdale

The weather is supposed to improve over the next couple of days. Hopefully we’ll get some T-shirt weather soon.


We’ve now had a few days of frosty mornings and I’ve finally taken some pictures. The ugliest trees look beautiful all covered in frost. These were taken just off of Ospika Blvd.

Winter Frost

Winter Frost

You can find a few more in the Frost Set.

Merry Christmas

We had a really great Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve at the Costley’s house and Christmas Day with both the Naegeli’s and Leboe’s. Here are a few pictures of our Christmas Day festivities.

Christmas Christmas







We look forward to the New Year, and thank God for sending his Son.
The Leboes.

Christmas Tree Time

We finished our Christmas tree decorating tonight. The kids were really excited about doing their tree. We ended up getting one from Save-on, which turned out to be quite a nice tree. Hopefully it will still have needles next week.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree with H&J

We also got a little lucky and ended up with a Warp Speed Mickey Mouse picture.

Warp Speed Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas.

Happy Birthday Regina

It’s Grandma Regina’s 60th birthday on Dec 10th. We hosted a party for her on the weekend. As usual we had a lot of food and great company. Here’s the birthday girl with her cake, some grandkids, and her new Mapelea doll dressed as Anne of Green Gables.
Regina's 60th Birthday

Regina's 60th Birthday

Happy Birthday Regina!