From Birthday

Our boy is 11

Josh had his friends over to celebrate his 11th birthday. We did an adventure hike down the valley to our spring creek, roasted some wieners, ate some cake, made some swords and played kick the can. Oh and they’re still here.

Here are some shots of the hike and cake.

J's 11th Birthday Party

J's 11th Birthday Party

J's 11th Birthday Party

J's 11th Birthday Party

J's 11th Birthday Party

J's 11th Birthday Party

Minecraft Cake

Not gonna lie, I love that Minecraft cake. So great.

Josh is 10!

Wow, our youngest is 10. Crazy.

Speaking of crazy, we filled our house with all manner of creepy crawlies for his birthday party. We had Dave from Avery Exotics over to entertain the kids. We had tarantulas, lizards, a tortoise, hissing cockroaches, a snake, geckos, a chameleon, and bearded dragons in the basement. So creepy. So cool.

Here a sampling of all the creatures. And kids :)

Josh and tortoise
Kids with bearded dragon
Josh and bearded dragon
Bearded Dragon
Frances and tortoise
Spider cake

Josh also got a special gift from Dave. He got a snake skin shed and a tarantula shed. The tarantula shed is pretty creepy. Every time we look at it we think the thing is still alive. Carolyne would love it so much.

Happy birthday Josh.

Happy 40th Monica

We hosted Monica’s 40th birthday party last night. As usual there was a lot of food and a lot of fun. Frances had the great idea to get every one together for games – Minute To Win It games. It was awesome. In each round two people played against each other for points for their team. Here are some highlights.

Getting started

Getting started

Face The Cookie

Face the cookie

Movin’ On Up

Moving on up

Chocolate Unicorn

Chocolate unicorn

Chop Stack

Chop stack

Hanky Panky

Hanky panky

Mad Dog

Mad dog

Jim made his wife two great cakes. I know they were both great because I did sample both. Fine, they were full size pieces. Don’t judge me :)

Mmmm, Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Thanks to Frances for all the party / house prep work – to me for bathroom cleaning – and to everyone for bringing food. Happy birthday Monica.

Happy Birthday Frances

Happy Birthday! Since I couldn’t be home on your birthday I hoped that you might find this post. I hope you enjoy the day and know that I’m thinking about you. Even though you’ve caught up to me in age, you are in fact, still younger!
Toby 59/365
I figured I’d include a puppy picture. That always makes people smile :)
I’ll see you soon. I love you. Chris.

Hannah is 12

Wow, Hannah turned twelve on September 3rd. This seems pretty old to her parents. I mean, her parents aren’t old so it shouldn’t feel that way, right? I guess we’re not fooling anyone.

Hannah had a lot of her family over for a BBQ to celebrate.

H's Birthday
H's Birthday
H's Birthday
H's Birthday

Happy Birthday Hannah.

Happy Birthday Mom

We spent the weekend at the lake celebrating my Mom’s 60th birthday. On Saturday morning we were hanging out by the fire and generally lounging around. For dinner we made Mom a meal of sea bass, pan seared scallops and jumbo shrimp. It was awesome. I’m still full.

Mom got a bit of an unusual gift. It turns out that she, and her grandkids, loved the present.

Mom’s cryptic card. It spoke of a gift she might not think to use, but should.

Her crazy Kubota RTV. She’s getting a little lesson.
RTV Gift

Mom let Hannah take it out for the first drive. I think the boys were a little jealous.
Hannah first drive

They didn’t have to wait long to get their chance to drive.
J driving

By Sunday Mom was putting her machine to work.
Hauling wood

Here’s a quick, unedited, video of the kids testing out the Kubota.

Although the kids spent a lot of time driving the new RTV they did find some time for other things. I’m fairly certain that the boys accumulated around 3 or 4 hours of ball hockey time. Here are a few more shots from the weekend.
Josh and Hudson

Oh yeah, we found a giant tree fort while out and about exploring. Of course Scott had to see if he could get Gavin inside.
Tree fort

Happy birthday Mom! Thanks for the great weekend.

Sunday Wrap Up

We got together on Sunday for George and Josh’s birthdays, as well as Mother’s Day. It was a nice afternoon roasting wieners and hanging out. Josh also got his gift from us in the morning. Here’s a smattering of photos from Sunday.

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