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Christmas 2016

We had an awesome time spending Christmas out at Tchesinkut Lake. Other than the lake being open it really felt like a winter wonderland this year. Also, we’re all full. Very full :)

The updated Leboe/Olesiuk family photo

Frances and Hannah

Tchesinkut Lake from the 700 Road

Northern Lights at Tchesinkut Lake

Sunset at Tchesinkut Lake

Frances in the sun

Sun Star at Tchesinkut Lake

Swan on Tchesinkut Lake with the sun reflecting off the ice

Christmas at Tchesinkut

We’ve been having a great time at Tchesinkut Lake for Christmas. It was really nice spending it with my parents and the Olesiuks. We even got some snow. We’ve all eaten too much and had a lot of fun together.

Christmas Morning




Around the cabin

Tchesinkut Sunset

But first, let me take a selfie

The part of me will be played by a tall, white and smiley man.The part of Chris is being played by a tall, white and smiley man.

He is in TROUBLE!

The family at Agate Point on Tchesinkut LakeThe family at Agate Point.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas holiday!

Christmas at Tchesinkut

Wow, that was a fast 4 days. This year we were out at Tchesinkut Lake with my parents and my sister’s family. We had a great time. For the most part we spent our days around the fireplace enjoying each other’s company, having a snack, playing with the dogs or heading outside for a snowshoe. As usual, I think Josh and Hudson had the most fun. Those two are hilarious together.

First off, we took a family photo. The Leboe / Olesiuk clan has been a little lax in this department so this is pretty great :)
Leboe Olesiuk Family Photo

Snowshoeing on the 23rd

Gavin and the hounds
You had to keep your head up on this snowshoe trip.

Wrong place. Wrong time.

Snowshoe running!

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning
My first Christmas morning that started before 7am in a long time. 6:17am to be exact.

Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning

Boxing Day – A stroll on the lake

Gavin & Cooper
The girls
Leboe & Olesiuk Photo 2
Wow another family photo!

My girls

See ya soon Tchesinkut. It was wonderful.

Canadiana v2

Birthday weekend

We’re out at the cabin for Labour Day. It’s also Hannah’s 13th birthday today. Wow, we have a teenage daughter. Crazy.

The weather hasn’t been awesome, but we’ve still done our best to get outdoors.

Over the top
Toby loves the cabin

Josh, the fisherman

Under cover
Under cover

Toby stick

The girls
My wife, Mom, and daughter

Our teenager
Birthday girl!


Rocks and waves

What’s so funny about this log?

Still casting in the cold
Still casting

It’s almost time to get packed up and head home. Summer holidays always seem so long. Until Labour Day weekend of course.

Ice cream and Margaret Falls

A big part of staying at the Provincial campground at Scotch Creek is going to get ice cream. This year was no exception. Apparently kids love ice cream. Oh, and me too.

Joel ice cream
Noah ice cream
Nathan ice cream
Hannah ice cream
Lily ice cream
Josh ice cream
Mini donuts sign
The kids had a ball playing with the Mini Donuts sign. The guy was super nice and we felt compelled to also buy donuts. Poor us.

Before actually getting our ice cream we stopped at the park sign for some “are we really taking this photograph again” shots. I’m not too sure why I didn’t have any of the Breedvelds. At least they weren’t looking at me when I was clicking the shutter :)

Shuswap sign cousins
Lots and lots of cousins

Leboes Shuswap sign
That’s us

Naegelis Shuswap sign
The Naegelis

Costleys Shuswap sign
The Costleys

This year we took a trip out to Margaret Falls. It’s a short little walk from the parking lot at Herald Park. It’s a great place, and always nice and cool.

Margaret falls path
Hannah and Josh sitting in the same place they did years ago. The last time they did this Josh fell off the bench and put his tooth through his lip. He was fine this year :)

Josh tree climbing
Lots of big cedar trees along the way

Family shot at Margaret falls
Hey, there we are again. Thanks Monica.


Margaret Falls
Margaret Falls

After the walk we stopped for lunch at Sunnybrae Park. I got the girls to give me a little “Log Barn.”
Ladies' Log Barn Pose
Ladies’ Log Barn Pose

And finally, another shot of us on the beach at the campground.
The Leboes
Thanks again Monica

And yes there are still more to come. Just so we’re clear, I’m even being a little selective here. I could be subjecting you poor readers to so many more photos :)

At the beach – Shuswap 2012

Wow, ten nights in the Shuswap went by very quickly. Today’s look back is all about the beach. We spent a ton of time there this year. The weather was perfect so we made the most of the opportunity. The one photo I missed was the two Tundras packed to over the cabs with floaties. We all agreed that we packed way too much gear to the beach :)

Face washing
Uncle Brad
Brad, you wear it well

Tower of floaties
The tower of floaties

Which way to the beach
Which way to the beach?

Carolyne and Micah

Beach chairs
Life on the beach is so great.

Not too sure what the next topic will be. Don’t worry though, I’ve got lots to pick from.

Canada Day continued

Here are a few more shots from our Canada Day weekend at the lake. We started the day with some familiar rain but ended up getting a great day again.

Josh fishing
Josh did some fishing for minnows.

Stuck boot
While fishing he filled up his boots with water. He had a little trouble getting them off.

We took the kayaks out today too.
H Kayak
Chris J Kayak
Ken Kayak

And Josh dug himself a hole. Good times.
Josh digging

Mini long weekend

We spent Friday night and Saturday out at the lake. At least the lack of time was sort of evened out by great weather. We did a lot on Saturday. Frances and I ran 10 Kms, I met a tenant at our office building in Burns Lake, we picked up grub for lunch and dinner, kayaked, watered the grass seed, played seek and find, napped, snacked, chatted, got Toby swimming, had a great burger dinner and then headed home. Ahhhh.

Tchesinkut and mountains
View from the cabin. There is a lot of snow left in the mountains.

Blue Tchesinkut
A shot from Friday evening. Such cool looking evening light.

Here come the kayaks.
Josh Kayak 2
Frances Kayak
Hannah Kayak
Josh Kayak
Hannah & Josh Kayak

Hannah Noah wave
I’m told that this is the “Noah” wave. I was not aware of that.

Toby silhouette
Even Toby sat still long enough to enjoy some rest.

Next time we’ll stay longer.

At the lake

We headed to Tchesinkut Lake for the weekend. In fact, we’re still here as I write this post. We didn’t have the greatest weather, but that didn’t stop us from getting outside to kayak, pick huckleberries and sit around the fire. Since we had our share of rain today I even got in a nice little nap. Good times.

Huckleberries. Mmmm. Oh and bugs. Lots of bugs. Mosquitoes, black flies and horse flies. It wasn’t the biting so much as the constant buzzing. At least we got a decent haul of berries.
Berry picking2
Berry picking

We took the kayaks out yesterday and today. Today was so nice – the lake was calm and the air warm.
Frances Josh Kayak2
Frances Josh Kayak

Josh did a lot of “axing” around the campfire. Yes, axing. He started to say it, and now it’s sticking.
Chopping wood

Toby is people. At least he’s acting like people. He was on his own by the fire and we noticed that he had hopped up on a wooden bench. We laughed and commented that it’d be pretty funny if he would have climbed up into a lawn chair instead. By the time we looked out again he indeed had made himself at home in a lawn chair. He didn’t get out when we went back outside. Too funny.
Toby lounging
Toby chair