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Running and visiting

We spent a great weekend with the Breedvelds. Frances and Carolyne ran a half marathon and the rest of us chased kids and enjoyed the excellent weather.

One Leboe, 5 Breedvelds


The runners – Frances and Carolyne


Last weekend we headed to Whistler, BC for a quick family vacation. We hiked every day. What a great place to get outside.

We started by going across the Peak to Peak gondola and hiking up the Blackcomb side.FrancesWhistlerAPFT


On our last full day we hiked the Joffre Lakes trail. It was excellent.

MiddleJoffreSunstarAPFT FrancesUpperJoffreAPFT FamilyUpperJoffreAPFT OnthelogMiddleJoffreAPFT UpperJoffrePano2280wideAPFT

What an amazing province we live in.

Winter is here. Sort of.

We spent the weekend in Smithers to see the end of the first annual Smithers Festival of Trees and to attend our staff party. We got to take a nice walk in the snow. Sadly, as we left it was raining. This morning in Prince George we’ve got nice fresh snow and now it’s warming up and melting too. Hopefully we’ll have some snow that sticks around for Christmas.

The Leboes and Olesiuks

Christmas at Tchesinkut

We’ve been having a great time at Tchesinkut Lake for Christmas. It was really nice spending it with my parents and the Olesiuks. We even got some snow. We’ve all eaten too much and had a lot of fun together.

Christmas Morning




Around the cabin

Tchesinkut Sunset

But first, let me take a selfie

The part of me will be played by a tall, white and smiley man.The part of Chris is being played by a tall, white and smiley man.

He is in TROUBLE!

The family at Agate Point on Tchesinkut LakeThe family at Agate Point.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas holiday!

Happy Birthday from Maui

We celebrated Frances’ and Hannah’s birthdays at RuthsChris last night. What a great dinner. Pretty great that our September birthday girls got to have their birthday dinners on Maui.

Birthday GirlsOut for dinner

Family at Ho'okipa Beach ParkThe family at Ho'okipa Beach Park

You can check out all of our Hawaii photos on Flickr. I’ll keep adding over our last 5 days too.


The Exchamsiks River

Josh and I had the pleasure of joining my Mom & Dad, my sister’s family and my cousin Mike and his family for a great time of fishing and exploring at the beginning of this week. We camped and fished on the Skeena River. A highlight for me was a jet boat ride up the Exchamsiks River. I posted a few photos here: Exchamsiks River Provincial Park.

Blue Turn

What a fabulous province we live in.