From Yard

Sun and moon

It’s been a little quiet around here. We’re planning on doing a photo update on the house soon. It’s amazing how long it takes to get all the little things done :)

For now, this is one reason we appreciate this place so much.


Snow Day

This all feels a little early, but hey, we might as well put on a brave face and enjoy it while it’s here.

Snow Day – Snow Angel
Our little angel.

Snow Day – Josh
Cute kid when he’s smiling.

Snow Day – Brother & Sister
Sometimes you’ve just got to let them sort things out.

Snow Day – Frances
She must be looking at me. She seems so happy. Wait, I’m holding the camera. Nevermind.

Snow Day – Chocolate Lab
I think Toby likes the snow the most.

Snow Day – Grrrr
She loves the camera. You can tell :)

Maybe we should turn on the Christmas lights tonight :)

The archer

Josh’s cousin Hudson dropped off his old bow for him to try out today. Josh is loving it so far. He had a great time with archery at Ness Lake Bible Camp, and now gets to do it in his own backyard. Living the dream.

Bull's Eye
Josh was pretty excited to get his first bull’s eye.

Well I think he’s done with his break and is heading back outside.

I had to add this one too. I got an arrow in flight above, but this one looks way better.
Arrow in flight


Busy weekend, this weekend. Busy with chores. Busy with “stuff.” Busy with wildlife.

Black Bear
We had a beautiful black bear, and this not so beautiful, but very cool garter snake.

Garter snake

Nieces and nephew, oh my!

I spent the morning watching the Naegeli kids. There is no time for breaks with these kids around. Super fun, but tiring. Of course a short term occupier of time is to get them in front of the camera. Turns out it worked. For a bit. The best part of this shot – I didn’t ask Noah to put his arms around his sisters.

Nieces and nephew, Oh my!