Penguin Party Cake

Here’s the penguin cake I made for Josh’s penguin party at school.  They celebrated the end of their penguin unit with a trip to the swimming pool, a fish stick lunch and a penguin movie. Unfortunately, I had to work, so the picture of the cake is the only one I have of the day’s events.  Here’s a tip for anyone making black icing:  add the black food coloring to chocolate icing – it takes a lot less food coloring and the chocolate disguises the taste of the food coloring!




  1. Carolyne says:

    Nicely done! I really didn’t have a picture of him in my head after talking to you! I’m impressed! Wanna make a birthday cake for Sunday? I should show you a picture of my masterpiece I made for J’s party tomorrow!! No one will be begging me to make cakes :)

  2. Mike, Julie and Noah says:

    You ever seen that show Ace of Cakes? You should think about auditioning, I am very impressed. The biggest difference between your cake and one on Ace of Cakes is that your actually looks edible. Is there any leftover?

  3. Monica says:

    Beauty!! I hear it tasted great too! Did you guys name it?? Of course, once you name something, you can’t eat it!

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