Making the Switch

Get Firefox! Here comes the geek. I’ve been using the Mozilla Firefox web broswer for quite some time, and now I’ve switched to Mozzila Thunderbird for email. With the Calendar plugin I’ve said goodbye to M$ Outlook. I’m doing this at work and at home. Here’s a few of the reasons why I did it:


  • Tabbed Browsing
  • No ActiveX controls
  • Great Popup Blocking
  • Live Bookmarks (RSS) – If you don’t know what this is “Google” it
  • Extensions – great addons to make Firefox the way you like it
  • Tabbed Browsing, yes its that good

    Thunderbird – email client

  • Blocks embedded images – spammers don’t know you “read” their mail
  • Will not run attachments
  • Great Junk mail filter

Anyway, I highly recommend these programs. First try Firefox and when you realize that you’re not getting Popups and you get way less spyware and adware than with Internet Explorer you’ll want to try Thunderbird as well. Click the “Take back the web” image at the top to get started.